IFS is the industry-leading digital lending solution suite that is powering traditional and emerging financial institutions in over 50 NBFC - Companies drive truly digital transformation. IFS offers a cloud based digital Lendingsolution that help NBFC achieve frictionless customer experiences, larger ecosystem, insights–driven interactions and universal automation. IFS NBFC Software is a wide-ranging, integrated, customizable, pioneering solution, designed to manage the complete loan lifecycle. It enables companies to implement custom-made products within minutes and automate their business processes thus improving the overall operational efficiency.
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Servicing Multiple loan types

IFS loan management software lets you manage any type of loans using its FORM-Power feature which can be used to create loan origination form for any type of loan.

Housing loan management software for nbfc- IFS

Housing Loan

Vehicle loan management software for nbfc - IFS

Vehicle Loan

Gold loan management software for nbfc - IFS

Gold Loan

Personal loan management software for nbfc - IFS

Personal Loan

Business loan management software for nbfc - IFS

Business Loan

Mortgage loan management software for nbfc - IFS

Mortgage Loan

Scale your Loan Management Software as you grow.

Scaling that goes up to the billions.

Co-Lending with different Lenders
IFS Co-lending Module allow companies to work together and divide the margin interest, principal and other customisable sharing options.
Centralized data storage
Every stage of the lending process involves working with customer data. The IFS software stores data in centralized storage accessible during every loan processing stage and this makes loan management system speedy and robust.
Integrated credit assessment capabilities
IFS instantly connect with credit bureaus and any other bodies responsible for credibility assessment. IFS receive regular credit data updates and leverage big data analytics to assess the trustworthiness of applicants.

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Automation of routine processes
IFS Using robotic process automation to streamline simple rule-based processes. Automation accelerates loan origination and processing and accounts for increasing client satisfaction. On top of that, it helps to avoid human error.
In-built analytic modules
IFS inbuilt analytical reports systemhelp to generate reports and also enables companies to evaluate market trends, detect patterns in customer behaviour and come up with new products and offerings.
Third-party integration
Another IFS feature that most organizations find especially attractive in a loan processing system, is its capability to integrate with other enterprise software. ERP and CRM solutions are capable of enriching the lending system with data and insights. Systems integrating lending modules with Fintech software for remote sales personnel are also enjoying high popularity among lenders.

One platform, endless possibilities.

Responsive interface
IFS is a mobile-friendly borrower or field staff interface. IFS is accessible on all devices like mobile, Desktop, Laptop and Tablet etc.
Mobile Application
IFS Mobile application is for both borrower and field staff for monitoring, collection and apply new loan applications etc.
IFS an excellent lending systempossess advanced security capabilities, and ensure the highest level of customer, data, and network protection using Tier IV Data Centre.
Our support offerings are exactly designed to safeguard your NBFC from critical incidents. If you are searching for troubleshooting help and resolutions, we have it all here.

For businesses and ideas of all sizes

If you’re a big bank looking for a custom-built solution, a growing fintech looking for a technology partner or a small business looking for the tools to enable your ideas – we’ve got you. Our platform is built to enable ideas of all shapes and sizes.

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